Bookings at Bali Breeze Bungalows are managed by Lisa Pienaar (Australia) on behalf of owner Ketut Suarsa. Ketut (who is in his 70’s) is a very personable character who prefers to devote his time to ‘face to face’ interaction with customers and staff. His policy is to offer employment opportunities to young people from outlying villages in Bali who otherwise would have limited opportunity. Lisa helps with training on the occasions that she visits Bali Breeze and is in constant communication with them.

Lisa is employed in Australia by Grahaem, who is a long term friend of Ketut’s and has helped for many years with mentorship and support.

Mostly Ketut can be seen at Bali Breeze on a daily basis unless family/ Banjar business or events demand his attention. Staff can advise you on his whereabouts or schedule.